Hogan Assessments

In business, knowing who your colleagues or employees are is often far more important than their skills or experience. With a clear understanding of individual values, characteristics and motivations, you have a better chance of building exceptional teams, choosing the right employees, and supporting your team members in their personal growth. It can help in personal relationships too, by enhancing your own self-awareness, and improving your understanding of others.

Research-based Hogan Assessments are designed to help you gain that understanding. They’re used by people and organisations all over the world to help with personal growth and development, team building, recruiting and culture fit.

The assessments are based on how a person is perceived by others. They’re there to support other processes, adding valuable structure to decisions relating to personal development and employment choices.

An accredited Hogan assessor, Rosemarie Brown uses Hogan Assessments in much of her work.

Talk to Rosemarie Brown today about how a Hogan Assessment could support you on your journey.


  • Online testing
  • One-page summary report
  • Personal debrief session

This is a great addition to the recruiting process. Contact Rosemarie today to organise this as part of your final recruitment decision stage.


  • Online testing
  • Comprehensive summary report
  • Personal debrief session

The comprehensive option is helpful for those who want to have a more full report as part of their personal growth or career strategy.  If you are wanting to gain clarity for growth and development then get in touch with Rosemarie today.

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